On November 16th 2016 NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences organizes a conference on Procedural Content Generation for games. During this day several lectures, talks and demonstrations will be scheduled in the field of procedural content generation. The conference will cover various topics ranging from procedural game, level design, storytelling to art. Presentations will be provided by various international experts in the field, presenting procedural content application in companies from indie game development to AAA games.


Speaker: Mattias Ljungström - The procedural forests of Future Unfolding

Future Unfolding is a beautiful, mysterious game with absolutely no directions. It's an adventure game with a focus on exploration. The game takes place in a colorful forest environment filled with friendly and hostile animals. This talk will explain how we use procedural generation in combination with a level editor to generate aesthetic areas with large variations, while maintaining game design conditions to enable puzzle progression.

> http://www.futureunfolding.com/

Speaker: Andrew Lowell - Simulation and proceduralism beyond feature film FX

The presentation will focus on opportunities created by the abstractness of natural phenomenon portraiture and FX work for film; which gives way to ever increasing possibilities in other fields. These areas include games, science and industrial applications, as well as other creative domains. It will draw on parallels in computer science and nature. Development into fluid simulation and music generation will be showcased.

Andrew will also provide a masterclass on SideFX Houdini Dynamics, more info can be found in the footer below.

> http://andrew-lowell-productions.com/

Speaker: Phi Dinh - Procedurally Generated Level Designs

A practical look at level generation techniques used in TinyKeep and Sublevel Zero. In this talk Phi Dinh will explore the challenges faced when attempting to use procedural generation to create tight, gameplay focused levels whilst still providing infinite replayability. Key gameplay issues such as difficulty, balance, AI, dead-ends and backtracking are discussed in the context of generated level designs.

> http://www.sigtrapgames.com/sublevelzero/media/

Speaker: Twan de Graaf - Integration of Proceduralism in Game Production

In this presentation we will look at multiple ways you can integrate procedural technology into game projects. This can often greatly increase productivity, even if large parts are hand crafted. We will look at a couple of examples in different areas. Among them the more obvious like Terrain Deformation and Object Placement, but also Geometry Generation, Audio Generation, FX and Game Logic.

> Twan de Graaf LinkedIn Profile

Speaker: Joris Dormans - Cyclic Dungeon Generation

Stop creating branching paths, start using cyclic dungeon generation. Your levels will feel so much more hand crafted. The dungeon generator for the roguelike, action-rpg Unexplored uses cycles as its core structure. The advantage of cycles over the more common branching paths is that they capture common dungeon design patterns far better. This talk explains the ideas behind cyclic dungeon generation, present a number of level design patterns, show how these patterns can be combined into interesting dungeon levels, featuring varied lock-and-key mechanisms.

> http://www.jorisdormans.nl/

Speaker: Mark Spevick - Procedural Techniques Practices

Learning 3D software using procedural techniques, such as SideFX Houdini, traditionally has a steep learning curve. This is due to the fact that thinking about 3D in a procedural way requires quite a different approach compared to traditional software such as Maya. This practical presentation aims to explore some of these differences and to demystify some of the major concepts of working procedurally in SideFX Houdini.

> Meet Mark Spevick!

Speaker: Stefan Kraus - World Creator

Procedurally generated terrains have a high demand in game and movie productions. A terrain and landscape generator needs to be fast, easy to use and must be able to create lively and realistic terrains with a powerful array of creative tools. We are going to take an in-depth look at World Creator, the next generation terrain and landscape generator. World Creator claims to be one of the most advanced generators available with improved efficiency, realtime generation capabilities, and more, making terrain and landscape generation faster and more fun than ever before.

> http://www.world-creator.com/

Conference on Procedural Content Generation for Games

The conference is free and open to students and professionals in the field of Game Development, Computer Graphics and Procedural Content Generation. Sign up is required, as we will have limited places.

Industry will have free lunch, coffee and drinks afterwards.

Wednesday 16 November 2016

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Masterclass: Andrew Lowell - Houdini Dynamics

Preceding the Everything Procedural conference, NHTV will host a Houdini Dynamics Masterclass by Andrew Lowell.

Andrew Lowell is an FX artist with several years of senior level experience at various visual effects studios around the world. Credits include movies such as Mummy 3, Thor, Transformers III, Ender’s Game. FX Training, education and writing as well as scientific exploration in music are some of his long standing passions. He resides as the program chair and instructor for the FX department at Lost Boys School of Visual Effects.

The Masterclass will take place on November 10, 11, 14 and 15. Attendance to all four days is required. Admittance is free as long as we have places left, you can sign up via the conference sign up form.

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Ronny Franken
Bojan Endrovski
Zoran Arizanovic
Jey Hicks

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