On Friday April 30th 2021 Breda University of Applied Sciences will host an ONLINE edition of the Everything Procedural Conference for a variety lectures, talks and demonstrations in the field of procedural content generation for games which offers many opportunities to meet and share knowledge with fellow developers.

The online Conference covers various topics ranging from procedural game design, level design, storytelling, world building to generative art. Presentations are provided by leading figures in the field, presenting procedural content application in companies from indie game development to AAA games.

The Everything Procedural Conference previously took place in 2016, 2018 and 2019 and gained strong recognition as a leading conference in the field of procedural content for games.


Building Dynamic Environments for the Dungeons of Gloomhaven

Speaker: Sam Swain - Apparance Studios Ltd

This talk will describe the tools, technology, and techniques used to build the varied environments needed for the digital adaptation of the Gloomhaven board game for Flaming Fowl Studios. It covers the game requirements and constraints, the generation pipeline that was built, the procedural scene elements involved, the interactive nature of the tools, and, the decoration, population, and styling of maps.

A Sneak Peek on Ghost Recon Game Analytics & Procedural Generation

Speaker: Yossef Benzeghadi - Ubisoft

Procedural generation is the backbone of many systems behind Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, from its Faction Missions to its mysterious Open World. Yossef Benzeghadi, Lead Game Analytics on Ghost Recon at Ubisoft Paris, will share how procedural generation and analytics can support each other when it comes to a live service game. This talk outlines how game analytics and player understanding can lead to actionable insights for a production team. More importantly, it also highlights various synergies where data can be used to optimize or fine tune procedural generation outcomes, for an improved player experience. Yossef will deep dive precisely on several User Experience improvement use cases. This includes a small proof of concept that allowed the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Dev Team to inject player data in-engine, through Houdini, as part of their data-informed iteration strategy.

Procedural Generation for the Real World

Speaker: Sabine Wieluch - Bleeptrack

Bleeptrack is a creative coder focusing on generative design. She enjoys working with different materials and machines like CNC mills, lasercutters or 3D printers. In her talk, she will walk you through the building process of several of her projects like procedurally generated PCBs or chairs. What should be considered when generating graphics for a pen plotter and what unexpected challenges emerge when working with wood? Join the talk to find out.

Radical Content Generation

Speaker: Joris Dormans - Ludomotion

The impact Procedural Content Generation - PCG - has on game design is often overlooked. In this talk Joris Dormans will investigate opportunities PCG offers to radically change games and genres. He will illustrate these ideas by taking examples from Unexplored 2, a roguelite RPG currently in development by Ludomotion, and speculate about the opportunities in other games and genres.

Procgen in Wildermyth: Storytelling

Speaker: Nate Austin - Worldwalker Games LLC

Wildermyth does a bunch of procedural generation. Nate Austin will cover procedural narrative in depth, and will touch lightly on the lessons learned from other content, particularly as it applies to generating replay value and acts as a multiplier on their content-crafting hours. Narrative in Wildermyth has 3 main layers. There's the Overarching Plot, which they call the villain, this is largely hand crafted and linear. There's the individual events, which are driven by a sophisticated targeting system. And there's embedded variation within all the stories (including the villain events) in order to glue characters together. Nate calls this the Library of Plays approach and will explain why it works, and what they have learned from it.

Procedural characters, props and levels for Populus Run

Speaker: Alexey Kalinin - FIFTYTWO

In this talk Alexey Kalinin will explain how Houdini became the main tool for creating content for the physics-based indie game Populus Run. He will talk about the character generator, level editor and several prop generators. The talk will highlight how procedural workflows helped to create and change a lot of objects on the fly.


Q&A session with Oskar Stålberg

Speaker: Oskar Stålberg

In this Q&A session with Oskar Stålberg we will peek under the hood of Townscaper, a beautiful procedural town building toy. A hybrid between Marching Cubes and Wave Function Collapse running on an irregular quadrilateral grid at interactive speeds.

Oskar Stålberg is an indie game developer. Master of tile based procedural generation. Maker of Bad North.


Procedural Pixel Art in Houdini

Speaker: Joshua Rizzo - Breda University of Applied Sciences

In this talk Joshua will briefly go over the Pixel Render Tool he made in Houdini, why he decided to go for Pixel Art and why he decided to choose Houdini to do this. Diving a bit deeper into the topic, Joshua will showcase different techniques to combine 3D & 2D rendering effects and present some of the use cases for this tool.

Learned Quadruped Animation from Videos

Speaker: Luca Quartesan - Breda University of Applied Sciences

In this talk, Luca will discuss how Machine Learning techniques can improve content creation pipelines in game development. Specifically, he will discuss how Machine Learning can help solve some of the hurdles of creating a physics-based animation system for animals (quadrupeds) and how video examples can be used instead of Motion Capture as input.

User Interaction with Houdini Engine V2 for UE4

Speaker: Peter Prickarz - Breda University of Applied Sciences

In this talk Peter will discuss new possibilities regarding UI with HEv2 for Unreal on the example of two tools, a Mineshaft and Cave Generator and a Norwegian House Generator. The focus will be the combination of Python Viewer States and Houdini Session Sync, but the talk will also briefly talk about using BSPs as inputs, how SideFX Labs Tools help and minor QoL improvements

Destruction Cluster Rigs (RBD to Skeletal Mesh)

Speaker: Erwin Smeenge - Breda University of Applied Sciences

In this presentation Erwin will talk about how he converted a Houdini RBD simulation into a rig hierarchy that then can be used and interacted with in Unreal animation and Actor Blueprints.

Conference on Procedural Content Generation for Games

The conference is open to industry, professionals, and students in the field of Video Games, Game Development, Computer Graphics, and Procedural Content Generation.

Talent scouts and job hunters:
The conference is a great place to meet employers and experts in the field of procedural content generation for games looking for a new challenge or a change in their career. During the day there will be many network opportunities, we try to create an informal safe environment to get in touch with your future employee or future employer.

Passes & Prices:
- Conference - Industry: 27,50 Euro
- Conference - Students: 8,50 Euro
- Conference - Students Breda University of Applied Sciences: 0 Euro

Registration closed.

Friday 30th April 2021
10:00-16:00 CET

The conference will be fully online.

The conference is organised by the Games Programmes (Bachelor Creative Media and Game Technologies and Master Game Technology) of Breda University of Applied Sciences.

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